Lydia Douglas
Pause & Reflect Photography
About Me...
As a mom of 3 of the most wildest boys to exist (that may be an exaggeration), I know how hard photoshoots can be. There’s usually a lot of tears (and not just from the kids if we’re being honest). 

When I first got into photography, I practiced by taking pictures of my kids. They are always moving and their moods change quickly. Through the years, I’ve discovered that I cherish all of those photos. The unposed ones. The photos that capture their sweet, feisty personalities, without them even feeling like they’re having their picture taken.

That’s why I have decided to specialize in family photography (fancy people call it lifestyle photography). I don’t do photoshoots in front of a brick wall, with a whole bunch of angry kids with fake smiles. That’s no fun for anyone involved. I have a gift of being able to come into your home and capture moments between your family that really capture a snapshot of your daily life. Something you can cherish forever. Something that will take you back to this season, years down the road...
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